Snigglets 2.0

Sometimes I like to make up words to match situations. Here’s today’s made up word/phrase:

All-You-Can-Amnesia (n)

Common form of memory loss often found in food service industry waitstaff. Especially prevalent in restaurants that don’t write anything down when you order, often resulting in the wrong dressing, wrong drinks, and an entirely missed entrée.

Seriously, when did trying to memorize a table’s entire order become a new parlor trick worthy of higher tips? I can see when it makes sense in a high-end tiny restaurant where you only have 5 options and there are 6 tables in the whole place, but when the local bar and grill starts doing it on busy nights, bad things happen.

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3 replies on “Snigglets 2.0”

  1. I’ve noticed that trend, but it would never have occurred to me that it was intended to be factored into tip calculation. (Unless the server was blindfolded and taking orders from six tables simultaneously, in which case it would deserve a bump.)
    If this is indeed the strategy, it seems high-risk/low-reward, in that screwed-up orders are likely to become a tip-calculation factor even to one as oblivious as myself.


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