Jumping Monkeys Episode 6: Matt Haughey

I was interviewed by the new TWiT parenting podcast: Jumping Monkeys Episode 6: Matt Haughey.

We recorded in the afternoon after a long day of work so I sound like I’m on quaaludes for the first five minutes or so, but eventually I perk up.

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6 replies on “Jumping Monkeys Episode 6: Matt Haughey”

  1. You got a jumpstart of about a year and a half on me in the whole parenting thing. You seem to have a lot of good parenting blogs that you frequent. Care to share your parenting blogroll?


  2. Matt,
    I read a great blog by Jay Whitlow about how to raise kids but forgot the address. Do you know what I am talking about? It was on my favorites don’t know what happened.


  3. awesome! i didn’t even pay attention to the title when it showed up in my feed. now i’m even more stoked to listen to it.


  4. Hey Matt. Long time fan. I’m glad to see another Oregon Dad go geek. If you’re up for it, I’d love to hang sometime in ptown or whatever…


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