Poll the Audience: A couple Wii questions

1. Is there a RSS feed of new Wii games? I looked around Amazon and maybe there’s a feed for this new and future Wii releases page but it doesn’t seem to be sorted by release date. Is there something better out there?

2. The News channel has a great interface that also reminds me of Pointcast. This is stupid, but I love the wacky text resizer. Has anyone recreated it in js for the web?

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5 replies on “Poll the Audience: A couple Wii questions”

  1. The text resizer is awesome. I believe that this particle zooming functionality is built into the WiiOS itself… doesn’t the photo channel do the same thing with resizing of photo thumbnails?
    I love zooming Wii news stories. So cool.


  2. Kotaku does a post every Monday with the new releases tagged “Virtual Console.” There are some non-release posts too, but it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to what you want. http://tags.kotaku.com/gaming/virtual-console/
    I also remember someone was running a Wii-mail list where you would add their email address to your Wii and that would subscribe you to emails with new VC games. Unfortunately I can’t find it on Google and don’t want to go through all the late-Nov / early-Dec posts on Digg looking for it.


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