Where there’s a Wii, there’s a way

Everyone I know seems to want to score a Wii on launch day, and most are betting on second tier outlets to get one. I agree and think that the world will line up at Walmarts, Targets, and BestBuys around the country so the secret is to find another option that is big enough to get Wiis on launch day, but also not so big that anyone would notice. This could be a local mom & pop store, a non-franchise video game store, or that seedy Kmart in the bad part of town.

I tested this theory out by visiting my local Fred Meyer. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and near any major city, chances are you are surrounded by Fred Meyers. I don’t think I’ll hurt my chances by sharing that they’re open from 12:01am-1am this Saturday night and my local one has 75 Wii consoles ready to go. That’s a lot of boxes, right up there with what most BestBuy stores will get and about double what any Target store is getting near me.

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  1. While I do want a Wii, I am content to wait for the second wave. As a native Oregonian transported to San Francisco, I must confess that I truly do miss Freddy’s. I am certain that old reliable will come through for you.
    We just finished our last jar of Fred Meyer jam, and it made me sad.


  2. Dude, you fucking rock. I have a Fred Meyer just down the street. I’d planned to go in on Sunday morning, but now my plans will be altered ever-so-slightly. My garage sale money from May has been horded for this purchase. I’m ready to make it! (Did you just go into the electronics department and ask the staff about the numbers? Maybe I’ll swing by tomorrow afternoon to check what mine has to say.)


  3. Yeah, I just walked into the electronics area. The staff were wearing Wii shirts, so they’re making a big deal out of it, but no one I’ve talked to in Oregon seems to be thinking of Fred Meyer as an option.


  4. i will be at a local meijer’s because who thinks of going to meijer’s to pick up a console? also, they supposedly are doing a midnight launch… if that doesn’t work, there’s a target right next door that i can camp out at.


  5. So… How’d it go. the Freddies near me wasn’t opening at midnight and only had 2 this morning. I still Wii-less but I’m fine waiting for the second wave.


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