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I’ve been using flickr on a daily basis for over two years. Today I followed a link from someone’s blog and landed on a page I’ve never seen before, and it rocked. It’s simple, but I didn’t have any idea it existed. It’s the “detail view” of photosets, which is so much more useful for getting the gist of a gallery that I wonder why it’s not the default view.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check this out: Early this past spring I built a deck, and I made a gallery about that, so compare:

Holy cow, I built a deck! – a photoset on Flickr (default)

Holy cow, I built a deck! – a photoset on Flickr (detail)

See how much easier the detail view is? No more squinting at little thumbnails, you can instantly scan everything in a set without having to click on anything. Just add “/detail/” to your flickr set links when sharing a gallery. Your readers will thank you.

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7 replies on “Flickr “detail” sets”

  1. The detail view’s been there for a while, though. Right by “x photos | Detail view | Map”…The link could be more prominent, though, and located closer to the slideshow view.
    The default view is handy if it’s a giant photoset, though, and you’re looking for something specific, or just to get an overview of a few hundred photos. Plus, the detail view starts to break down a little once you have multiple pages. That, and it looks so similar to someone’s photostream, it could be confusing when trying to find out where you are.


  2. Yeah, kathryn, I realized the detail view isn’t as good for people that show off a hundred photos, but most often on blogs I see how-to’s and small galleries of <10 photos, which work way better in the detail view. This all started when I saw Jimmy Wales show a link to carving a Creative Commons-logo’d pumpkin and I realized how perfect it was to see the whole process on one page without clicking. Normally, I’d have to click through every single one to see the descriptions and see the photos.
    Maybe flickr could default to detail for small sets and go to the other view when you have more than one page of photos.


  3. i agree with Matt and Kathryn about galleries that are HUGE being hard to manage with detail view. For example, i have one gallery with over 2000photos in it that would take forever to get through in detail view…although great for seeing the context in which i shot all of the pics. When you shoot “change” its good to have details.
    good eye!


  4. Man, I love the detail view. It made my day when I found it and I prefer it in almost all situations, including large galleries.
    The next thing I want is a detail view of the actual photos coming from my contacts. No more of this 5 photos per contact business. When I have a busy day and can’t check flickr, I often miss the good stuff. When this happens, all development on flickr can cease.


  5. I agree prefer the detail setting, too, and also like it because it is more consistent with the rest of the Flickr UI… However, it is unfortunate that the detail view doesn’t seem to show the description of the gallery.


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