Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion

Holy crap, the rumors were true: Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion

I’m really happy about this and think it’s a good thing. Like I said last month, YouTube offers a fundamental shift in how video is shared online and provided a free hosting outlet for millions of people. YouTube proved that broadband and video can actually work and it doesn’t have to cost every producer an arm and a leg. The rest is all details, though I understand profits and lawsuits over IP are pretty big details.

I would put this purchase up there with the Blogger deal. Google saw this app that provided a huge shift in how people interact online and snapped it up. Same with Writely, same with Picasa (though I’m sure they wanted Flickr back when it was independent). Google used to just be a search company but now they’re looking more like a very smart media company buying up all the best-of-breed services.

I do wonder how on earth they’ll fold YouTube into Google. If they just merged the YT content into Google Video, all the personality and social aspects of YouTube would be lost, but if it stays independent, then they have two brands offering much of the same product competing for engineering and legal resources.

Congrats to the YouTube team and kudos to Google for snatching it up and keeping bandwidth costs at zero for young filmmakers.

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3 replies on “Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion”

  1. From what I’ve read, Google plans to keep Google Video up and running, and YouTube will be run as a separate entity without changing its look and feel. The first step for Google, of course, will be to add its search functionality to YouTube.


  2. >>”though I’m sure they wanted Flickr back when it was independent.”
    word from some Yahoos is that Flickr didn’t get much love from Google when they were still indie, and how they went with Yahoo cause they “got it” when it came to Flickr’s bigger vision.
    not sure if this “getting it” will apply to YouTube, but like jkottke pointed out it’ll be very interesting to see if they just treat it like Blogger or kill off G!Video, etc…
    ps – haven’t seen your site in the flesh in a while, like the new redesign.


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