Top 10 Reasons Why Your 5 Tips About 7 Cutting-Edge Technologies will annoy me

FirefoxScreenSnapz002.png Seriously, the top of digg, delicious, reddit, and every other link aggregator seems to be clogged with Lists of Vital Things You Should Know.

After seeing dozens of them fly by every single day, I’m starting to think it’s just lazy headline writing that gets promoted up thanks to our nanosecond attention-span RSS readin’ latte drinkin’ ruby on rails codin’ getting things done task managin’ nerd culture.

Cool it with the lists. Feel free to use real paragraphs and explain stuff. I have time.

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3 replies on “Top 10 Reasons Why Your 5 Tips About 7 Cutting-Edge Technologies will annoy me”

  1. Ah, a topic after my own heart. I find myself falling into this trap at least once a week: “6 Frugal Foods”, “24 Good Finance Books”, “8 Ways to Shampoo Your Hair for Cheap”. The thing is, some posts work best as lists, and these posts get FAR more attention when the titles tout a number and a sensational claim. It’s a sure way to get more attention, actually.
    But you’re right that many times these sorts of posts are lazy. I, too, would much rather see a person explore each item in her list one at a time.
    Fortunately (or not), I’m a verbose little bugger, and don’t use lists too often…


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