RSS done right (in firefox 2)

I love the way the release candidate 1 of Firefox 2 handles a RSS feed.

I accidentally hit a RSS feed today and was pleasantly surprised by the user experience. There was an informational message at the top explaining it as a feed, along with a RSS subscription preference option and a nicely rendered (not just XML data) feed.

Here’s a short 1.7Mb movie of what that looks like the second time you click on it (the top explanation goes away and you just see the RSS subscription preference).

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  1. I work for Mozilla (although I don’t speak for Mozilla) so I am biased, but one thing is absolutely irrefutable: IE7 allows for feed handling only within the browser whereas Firefox 2 allows for feeds to be sent outside of the browser to RSS reader apps on the desktop as well as to RSS reader services such as bloglines or MyYahoo! or Google Reader.


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