MeFi Down for a bit

Just a note to people looking for * — this morning there was an OS-level software problem on the web server, which required a total wipe and reinstall of the drive. The database server is fine, and I am getting all the data off the original web server drive, so everything should be back up and running by this afternoon or tonight at the latest. At the moment stuff is just being reinstalled and will take a few more hours.

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  1. Thank you!
    Hopefully this will fix the recent bonanza of downtime patches, it’s been harshing on my mornings – though this extended absence has been a refreshing vacation after it settled in.
    If the OS reinstall doesn’t fix all of it could you give us some clues? Maybe we could help you get to the bottom of it. Be sure to make an image of the reinstall before you take it live.


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