Oh shit, I just got Jobsed

From MacRumors Macworld Live Updates feed:

10:12 am First Mac with Intel processor today.
10:12 am The iMac – built in isight camera. front row. incredible reception.
10:13 am No other desktop PC can match it.
10:14 am Same sizes. 17″, 20″. Same design. Same features (isight, front row, apple remote), Same price. What’s different.
10:14 am Intel Processor. 2-3x faster than the iMac G5.
10:14 am Intel Core Duo. an amazing chip.
10:15 am Two cores. each one faster than the G5.

CrapDamnCrap. My 20″ G5 iMac is only two months old for chrissakes! And I bought it days after it was announced! Damn you Steve Jobs (*shakes fist*)!

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