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I linked to the Egg and Muffin toaster a while back and since I recently got an amazon gift certificate, I decided to pick one up.

I love egg mcmuffins — egg mcmuffins without meat to be precise. While I spent much of my youth eating at McDonalds, when I went strict vegetarian after high school, I boycotted the place for almost a decade. But the egg mcmuffin brought me back. These days, about once a week I get one, toss the ham in the trash, and enjoy. So the idea of being able to have perfect egg mcmuffins (without meat) at home was enticing.

After making a couple, I’m hooked. The product does exactly what it’s supposed to do, making sure both the egg and the muffins are perfectly done at the same time (it waits a while to toast). Now is the time to experiment. Different breads (it can fit bagels too), different cheeses (the extra sharp I have might be too much), and different additions (maybe smoked salmon?).

While I’m of the Alton Brown school of “never buy a uni-tasker” this one does it so perfectly well that I’m willing to sacrifice some counter space and keep this unit around. If you’re a fan of egg mcmuffins, this is priced at around 8 egg mcmuffin combo meals, and once you’ve got it you can make as many as you want, as often as you want, and exactly as you want.

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  1. We eat so many eggs that I’m thinking seriously about raising chickens. So, if I could hook one of these up to the end of a chute from the chicken coop, Wallace and Gromet style, and put it on a timer, I’m thinking automatic breakfast every day.
    Also, I like how the brand is “Back to Basics.” War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Egg and Muffin Toasters are Basics.


  2. Forgive my innocence, but not being vegetarian I don’t understand how you can be one, let alone a “strict” one and still eat smoked salmon?


  3. I’m a vegetarian too, and I have enjoyed the occasional egg mcmuffin sans meat, but here’s my question–why do you order it and throw the ham away? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose, in some ways, of being vegetarian? Why not order it without the ham in the first place? They are more than happy to produce it for you that way, and then it doesn’t waste the meat. It also serves another purpose–it lets the people at Mcd’s know that we want a non-meat version of their food. By the way, anyone who eats salmon is NOT a vegetarian.


  4. Sorry if that sounded confusing. I went from strict almost-vegan (hey, it was college!) eventually to eating eggs and some dairy (I still don’t drink milk), to eventually eating fish. Now I have the occasional poultry and don’t consider myself a total vegetarian anymore.
    It’s not too hard to clean, mostly it’s just cleaning a mini-frypan sort of thing that holds the egg.


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