Like unfinished furniture

Salon‘s new redesign looked like they came up with the deadline first (their ten year anniversary), and fit the work to match. The way it stands, the site appears as if it was taken from the design and developer team’s hands last night, while they were still working on the second draft and probably weeks away from having it fully baked.

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  1. I kept refreshing the page thinking I had an old cached copy of the Salon style-sheet that was mucking up the way things looked. I suppose though one could argue it is sort of hip to do a live redesign of the site. (Not me though, the site looked much nicer before.)


  2. I like the direction they’re going in with the new layout, it’s just that it’s so rough it’s hard to look at.
    It reminds me of the new Onion redesign, but imagine that they stopped developing it after a week or two of fiddling. I’m sure Salon will look nicer someday and hopefully this was just pushed out for their 10th anniversary.


  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like it. The shift from fixed-width text colums is particularly bad.


  4. When I first brought up the page I was grumbling because I thought they had skipped making tweaks for Safari (an all to common occurrence). Then I loaded the page up in Firefox and saw the same thing, which made me think for a second they’d gone the “Everyone uses IE route, right?”. Then I checked it out on a windows box and saw the same thing and was kind of scratching my head.
    Let’s hope they give the developers the time/resources to finish it off.


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