This is Broken x2

Paypal’s phone support system uses voice recognition to solve problems instead of humans in a call center. At the last step in a security process, I was to state my first and last name listed on my account. I don’t think there’s a powerful enough computer in the world that would hear me saying “howie” and think that maps to “Haughey”. I got stuck in an infinite loop trying to state my name and couldn’t complete the process. This is a stupid way to do security.

While trying to buy a gift for a friend’s birthday, I visited his Amazon wishlist page, then one-clicked him a book I own and love. A few days later his book arrived at my doorstep. Apparently if you actually want to send someone something off their wishlist, you can’t use the big orange “Buy with 1-Click” button even though the option is there, and you have to go the step-by-step route. Totally broken, and I now have a second copy of a book I already own.

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  1. You pronounce your surname ‘Howie’? Here in Ireland it’s generally pronounced ‘Hoh-hie’ (the ‘au’ as a shortened ‘aw’ sound). Also, in Britain they pronounce it ‘Hockey’, since they can never get the silent ‘g’ thing right.


  2. You can return the book to Amazon for a full refund, assuming you haven’t damaged its condition any. One-click ordering is specifically to place an order with your default shipping options. (I know it’s a bit unclear, but now you know!)
    Personally I don’t use 1-click at all, though. I like to know that I’m specifically getting super saver shipping and so on.


  3. Well, after I got Prime setup, I decided to just do one-click, since I didn’t have to worry about shipping options anymore (2nd day air is free). It still seems odd to me that they even offer 1-click in the context of someone else’s stuff, but send it to you instead of them.


  4. there is also this awesome thing called Fedex that you can feed your book to with the appropriate address, and it will spit it out of it’s enormous mouth and accuratly hit your friends doorstep. đŸ˜‰


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