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My experience with Apple products is pretty good, though not perfect. I’ve had a powerbook break latches before, hard drives die, and an iPod freak out. But after setting up a multi-location Airport Express network, I’m impressed.

After going through several Linksys and D-link wireless routers that lacked stability and features, I decided to go with an Apple AirPort Express, mostly due to positive reviews and the capability of sharing music and printer connections. After using it for a week I decided to get another one, so that I could stream music to my living room stereo.

The part that impressed me the most is the airport setup program. Using a wizard involving four or five steps, I set up a pretty sophisticated network that involves security across a mesh network of the base and extender, with music and printer sharing to boot. A few simple steps and now any computer running iTunes in the house can send audio to my living room stereo and any computer can print photos or documents on my inkjet printer via rendezvous. It all just worked and it’s working flawlessly. These days, it’s rare when products just plain work like they should.

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  1. We’ve been using Airport Express for over a year now, and we love it. It’s replaced our stereo system. I have few complaints.
    However, based on my prosletyzing, a non-techie PC-based friend picked up Airport Express last weekend. He’s going crazy trying to get the thing to work with his network. He’s very frustrated. I’ve tried to help him via phone, but can’t diagnose the trouble. I”ll go see the trouble in person this weekend.
    Airport Express is easy and fun, but it’s not perfect.


  2. Yeah, I’ve got one too, and I can vouch for the fact that things get a lot trickier once a PC is involved (go figure) — my roommate and I have three Macs and one PC between us, and surprise surprise, guess which computer is a total hassle. (It’s also worth noting that AirTunes streaming is deeply unreliable if your Mac has old-school Airport and not Airport Extreme, but I guess that’s to be expected.) Still a pretty brilliant product, though, and I’m extremely glad to own one.


  3. Yes, my frustrated friend is PC-only. And, in fact, my #1 idea for dealing with his problems is to take my Powerbook up and see if things can’t be solved a little easier via a Mac. No, this doesn’t really make much sense, but I’m still going to take that approach. Actually, I’m willing to bet that we’ll be able to get his Airport Express operational with just a little fiddling. It’s just one of those things I can’t diagnose over the phone, but may be able to get to work in person.


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