I’m on Google Talk right now

So I guess the cat got out of the bag a little early. I tried it out with iChat (hit command-3 to bring up jabber and configure) and got right in with the details at that link.

I just realized something. I use Google for searching with my personal history turned on, and I view it through my personal portal, and I get all my personal mail through Gmail, and everything I’ve said online for the past ten years is available within Google’s index, and now all my daily chitter-chatter could be on a Google server as well.

They don’t do evil, but still, it’s something to think about.

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4 replies on “I’m on Google Talk right now”

  1. Hey Matt, have you had any joy getting google voice chat to work over iChat?
    TUAW says it can be done but don’t go into any detail about it at all…
    So far I’ve not had any joy with voice going from iChat -> google client or iChat -> Gaim


  2. Matt —
    The whole crux of “Google doesn’t do evil” has always been a slender case to rest one’s head upon at night. Consider: something happens wherein Google’s share price dips precipitiously, there is panic, and wham, they’re acquired by someone. Suddenly, all that data — that rich data which has been offered up — is now in the hands of a company that, if not evil, is thoroughly amoral.
    No tinfoil hat, but just something to be aware of. I know Jason’s been cheerleading the WebOS for a while now, but isn’t Google’s consolidation of all this info contrary to the spirit of the Internet?


  3. Well, SJC, I don’t think they are necessarily consolidating data for the sake of it. They’re unleashing useful tools one after another and it’s my idle speculation that someday all that data could come together (I admit this is similar to the “big brother” government worry).
    Even though I trust them, eventually when my entire life is powered by Google, I had to wonder at some point if that will become a problem.


  4. Before server-to-server communications was enabled in January 2006, many people criticized the inability of Google Talk to communicate with the larger Jabber network …
    The thing might not be everywhere fully functional thus yet 😦


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