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I can’t begin to describe how happy I am to see that the next This Old House project is a rennovation of a modern house. I’m a longtime fan of the show, and even though lately it’s become a show with too many field trips and high-dollar makeovers and not enough actual tips and how-tos, I’m a sucker for their amazing work.

The problem is, they usually stick to traditional east coast style homes and my dream home has long been a sleek boxy modern one. This fall it looks like they’ll take a crack at that, and this looks like it’s going to be great:

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  1. I can’t watch This Old House anymore after Steve Thomas left and was replaced with Kevin O’Connor. The whole show changed from experts explaining things, to bumbling-fool Kevin walking around a construction site. I can do that any day of my life – I want to watch professionals and not get talked down to, which now happens on every show.
    Don’t get me started on Ask This Old House.


  2. I agree the show’s gone downhill since Kevin O’Connor arrived. My biggest problem is that they seemed to have changed the format of the show. It used to be checking in on Tommy and Norm and having them explain stuff and once in a while Steve would chip in. Last season the show was basically a five minute introduction, 15 minute field trip to see windows get made or some such nonsense, then a quick 2 minute recap on where they are with the project.
    Still, I have high hopes for the new season. Hopefully they take things back to the useful tips and info they used to provide.


  3. I’m enough of an “old coot” that I think it hasn’t been the same since Bob Vila sold out…and without TV, I didn’t even know they’d switched hosts again.
    My sisters and I used to make fun of Steve, ’cause he was such a goof. I can’t imagine someone even goofier.
    But I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. 😉


  4. I do enjoy the show–I only have basic cable, so I watch a lot of PBS–but I generally call it “This Old Mansion”, because most of the renovations are so high-end that they’re out of the range of most people. Compare the first season of the show (a small Cape Cod) to last season (the Carlisle homestead), for instance. It’ll be interesting to watch them renovate a modern home, as that’s not something they’ve done a lot of.
    I do, however, really like “Ask This Old House” because they go and help people with home repairs that can usually be done without hiring someone, if only you knew how to do it. And I have to admit that I really like the goofy “guess what this gadget is for” segment.


  5. Usually I see things in real life first and then read about them on some weblog. This is a first… I read about This Old House’s new project here and today realized that I walk by this house a few times a week on the way home from work. It is in quite the ritzy neighborhood.


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