Feds monitor Flickr

Frightening news from Salon:

Meanwhile, Jeremy Lassen, the publisher of a small book imprint in Portland, Oregon, responded to the news of the Chicago incident by creating a series of photo collages entitled “Bush and Guns,” and posted them to the photo-sharing site, Flikr.

Last week, he says, he himself was paid a visit by the Secret Service. “On June 7th, two Secret Service agents showed up at my place of employment and asked to speak with me,” Lassen wrote on his blog on Sunday. “One agent said they wanted to talk about something I posted online. I asked what, [and] one responded ‘You post a lot of stuff online, don’t you?’ and then showed me some color printouts of my ‘Bush and Guns’ pictures. I was as helpful as possible, and explained to them the about the incident in Chicago, and the context of those pictures.”

Blog entry about the visit from the Feds (The Flickr set mentioned in the post seems to be gone)

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  1. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Feds monitor flickr. It’s very possible someone complained, and the SS investigates all perceived or reported threats to the POTUS.


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