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Last week when I was guest-posting a bit on Lifehacker, I found the motivation to write a bunch of how-tos I’ve been meaning to do for my own site. Basically it boiled down to spending a couple hours each night writing, editing, and putting photos and links together for each one. It was a bit of a grind, but helped me pass the time between late night feedings when I was on baby duty. So here they are:

Reducing intake of sugary drinks – I really love Honest Tea, and it’s helped me get down to drinking cola once a week or so.

Sharing dual-platform desktops with a single keyboard/mouse – I’ve written about Synergy, VNC, and my dual platform setup before, but with the recent release of a Synergy GUI app, it’s now easier than ever to share multiple systems as one giant desktop.

Learning to love Audiobooks – I find that I love audiobooks more than printed books for a lot of titles, and I seem to have more time for audiobooks than reading. I ran down all the things that make a good audiobook experience and a few of my favorites. There are many more I forgot to mention (like Bill Bryson’s great stuff), including bad audiobooks (Jared Diamond – great speaker, great writer, but the publisher pays a drone to read his text).

Using firewire networking – Upgrading to tiger seems to have improved firewire networking in my setup. I now get very fast transfer rates between my mac and PC.

How iPod mounts work – I’ve come to the conclusion that my $65 iPod holder is an expensive, but necessary accessory, for the sake of safety.

How to setup a drip system in your garden – I can’t tell you how much I love not having to water the plants by hand and how easy this stuff is to set up. This little system eliminates the one thing about gardening I disliked most — being a slave to the watering can.

Uptime server monitor review – I’ve been happily using uptime for years. It just plain works.

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  1. That Honest Tea has been a godsend for me as well. I don’t drink ANY sugary drinks now – just honest tea and water (although I still drink coffee when I go out with the friends).
    I’m ashamed to say that I buy out all of Safeway’s and Fred Meyers’ (the only two stores in my town) stock of Honest Tea as soon as they receive their shipments. But hey, if they wanted other people to get a chance to drink it, they should order more!


  2. When you’re ready to drop the sugar completely, try Teas’ Tea, my personal sugary-drink savior. It’s made by ITO EN, a Japanese company with an increasing US presence.
    Unfortunately, it can be hard to find. The only place I know that has it here in Seattle is Whole Foods.


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