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I stumbled upon an old directory filled with mockups that never saw the light of day and figured now that it’s five years later, I should probably upload them as a set on Flickr. These are from April-May 2000 with some later ones through in at the end, all done when I was trying to work up a new design for, which looked like this at the time.

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  1. I spent 5 minutes following those old “Blogs of Note” links – it’s funny to see the difference in content produced in those days. Also, it’s funny how very little has changed; on one blog a person had wrote quite a substantial entry on what an exciting time it was to be on the web.
    The times they are (and aren’t) a changin.’


  2. Thanks for making these mockups available. It’s really interesting to see how some design elements continued to the later mockups, but others were dropped along the way.
    When I’m working on a site, I will usually sketch some mockups on paper, decide on the best approach, and then code it in XHTML/CSS (and create images as necessary). What benefits do you see in creating a mockup with Photoshop instead of coding directly? Is it quicker? Or because you can control the layout with more precision? Or something else entirely?


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