I just found and loaded

I just found and loaded up a backup of my eudora install, circa late 1996. Reading the email I wrote to friends, I can’t belive what I’m seeing. It’s as if I’m reading a stranger’s words.

Among the messages, there were a lot of goofy, gushy stuff I sent to Kay, but here’s one of my favorites:

To show you my love, I swung by the bookstore to buy a book of poems I could read to you, but there were all these trigonometry books on sale, and they were so much cheaper. With some minor adjustments (every time you see the word “angle”, change it to “angel”), they do the job just as well, heres a sample:

I compliment you, angel,
and define you infinitely.
I am your adjacent angel.
You are my cosine.
I denote you factorially.
I am the curve generated
by the motion of your point.
Oh! Acute angel!

(actually I stole that whole thing from a bogus self-help book, but I thought it was funny, even if I lifted it…)

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