Man oh man. I’ve been

Man oh man. I’ve been sitting at my computer for basically the last 48 hours straight, working on new designs for a project, and I forgot how mentally exhausting it is. I’m throwing paint at a canvas, trying to get it looking like something I want, but it’s not coming close to my vision, so I keep trying, and eventually start over with a new canvas. There’s a pile of discarded canvases, and even the ones I’m keeping need a lot of work.

Over the past few months, I’ve done design when I wanted to, and basically worked in photoshop only when I felt the inspiration to do so, I had forgot what it was like to design with a deadline in mind. Of course, on every project I’ve done in the past, the first 90% of my work is a wash, and only in the last 12 hours before a due date do I get some amazing idea that I end up going with. I guess I should calm down and ride it out until that last day…

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