The Short Second Life of Post Secret; or How Griefers, Sexters, and Haters Ruined an App in Only Four Months « The Learned Fangirl

Today, the Post Secret app officially died. How things spiraled down so quickly is a highly cautionary tale for anyone who fully trust anonymity — and expects it not to become a tragedy of the commons. As Frank Warren, the founder of Post Secret, states on the website, this was a difficult decision made, but one made necessary due to problems with some of the anonymous secret postings:


Post Secret's iPhone app was taken down from the store today due to abuse from their estimate of 1% of users.

It seems like they could have controlled this a little bit by letting users report offensive/off-topic/sexting/abusive posts, then they could have had their volunteers review those. If deemed inappropriate (and this can be problematic here but any policing is better than zero policing), the volunteer moderators could have banned all secrets from those reported handset IDs from the public sphere. The problematic users wouldn't know they were set to hidden, but their stuff wouldn't get seen by the world. That seems like it could have helped lick the problem users in the bud pretty quick, and prolonged the life of the app.

Reddit vs. Metafilter, London pub quiz

It transpired that there was enough of us (about 22?) to make up 3 Metafilter teams and that being a spectator wasn't going to be an option. As I struggled to come to terms with this responsibility, a large group of Redditors arrived.

As I watched them file in, my heart sank. They had the confident air of people who were very good at Pub Quizzes. These were clearly people who knew a lot of trivia.

Their leader, Lowercase_Drawer, came over and introduced himself, and spoke to adrianhon. I didn't really catch what he was saying, but from his poise and deliberateness, it seemed like he was saying the kind of stuff a Bond villain says when they have the upper hand.


I won't spoil the ending, but after the build up on reddit, I was pleased with the results.

LOL Local Newspapers

One rather charming fellow, whose accent bespoke British through and through, said he had come to cover the festival for a London magazine. But he may have let his true identity slip when he indicated he was from the United Klingdom.


Oh puns.

Nanolaw with Daughter (

Watching the video I thought that it was wise of Major League Baseball to combine this sort of sentimental moment with mass
speculative litigation. It kept brand values strong. I felt strangely grateful that I could have a moment to remember that afternoon. Surprised by the evidence of both copyright violation and father-daughter


It doesn't get any better than this story.


Murk, originally uploaded by Dennis Calvert.

Damn, I wish I had a remote clue how this photoshoot was done. I get that it’s a long exposure “light painting” but man, the results are totally surreal.

Google Chrome to Drop Support for H.264

Chromium's blog informs that Google Chrome will drop support for H.264 in the coming months and will only support WebM (VP8) and Theora codecs.


Google's latest news reminds of having a capricious boss that makes up new shit every few weeks that no one wants or needs. We've all been there, right?

"Look people, I know the linux mail server is perfectly functional and it only requires Bill in IT to look at for one hour each month, but I really think scraping it and deploying Microsoft Exchange will do wonders for our productivity. Once we get a couple MCE engineers hired, we're looking at a two-month deployment…"

There is no good reason for Chrome to drop a video standard that YouTube helped push.

Said the Gramophone: BEST SONGS OF 2010

BEST SONGS OF 2010by SeanPlease note: MP3s are only kept online for a short time, and if this entry is from more than a couple of weeks ago, the music probably won't be available to download any more.


I've gotten a copy of the entire "best 100 songs of 2010" in my quest to at least start listening to new (to me) music. So far I am loving this mix.

Standouts include the Titus Andronicus track (#27) that sounds like Guided by Voices sing over a Dinosaur Jr. song from the best era of Dinosaur Jr. I had heard the new Sade album was good but the track included (#96) is really great and making me want the whole record. The list also introduced me to the1shanti, an almost nerdcore rapper doing rhymes about various bits of technology. I also enjoyed the bits of world music making the mix that I certainly would have missed completely (#22, The Good Ones, from Rwanda).