Tonight, while showing my friends

Tonight, while showing my friends Magnus and Liz how I could actually surf the site on my new PCS phone, I wanted to see what the buying process was like. With the small 3 line long, ~25 character display, I looked up the Shawshank Redemption DVD I’ve wanted for a while, hit a couple buttons and the next thing I know I actually bought it. The entire process took all of 90 seconds, including the time to transfer data. I guess the future is already here.

I hereby nominate the Y2K

I hereby nominate the Y2K bug for the “biggest overblown non-event” of the millenium. Well, everything is fine with me. Hope your new years went well, and I wish everyone a good new year.

Instead of using my own software, I’m going to start posting new thoughts here using blogger, which should make the page load a lot faster. I’ll continue posting links to things I’m working on, and with blogger, it should be even easier to do, so expect near-daily posts.