Down with FT

Quick, before it disappears behind the subscriber wall, you can read another article about blog ads, this time in the Financial Times. I’m proud of it because the reporter hit me at a cynical, bitter time. I had talked to three reporters from different outfits the previous week, all doing rah-rah “anyone can do this!” stories on blogs. So I unleashed a bunch of bile on the tech journalists’ attempts to fluff up the latest bubblet. Here’s me sounding like a pompous jackass:

Surprisingly, some of the most cautious notes are being sounded by bloggers themselves. Matt Haughey runs a number of blogs, the most famous of which is Metafilter, a vast community weblog whose members number in the tens of thousands: “Together, the ad revenue from all of my blogs represents a pretty decent salary,” he says, “but I’ve been very lucky. I’d like to stress that there are a few dozen people at the most who can be like this – everyone else will make $5. People are trying to make a bubble. Every article I ever read says that anyone can do this. But anyone can be Britney Spears.”

Mundane spam realization

What is up with recent spam attacks? Maybe it’s just me, but my current spam load went from zero to a bazillion emails about rolex watches. I don’t remember ever seeing fake watches pitched at me, but it’s now accounting for hundreds of messages a day. Probably 50% of my spam is all watch-related now.

Older than dust

While MetaFilter is over five years old, I forgot the anniversary of when I started my own blog on Nov. 1, 1999.

Earlier today someone was asking about ten year high school reunions and I went to dig up my post about it, from early on in this blog’s existence. Turns out the post about my ten year reunion was almost five years old, and then it hit me. Jesus, I’ve been doing this a long time.

Continue pardoning dustiness

The site move to this new server seems complete, at least on all the machines I’ve tested it on. I’ve added redirects on all the old entries (thanks to Apache’s genius .htaccess system) that should generally work. I’ve also moved the RSS feeds from this server over to Feedburner, again, using .htaccess you shouldn’t notice a thing. Over on Feedburner, I’ve also kicked in my recent Flickr photos.

Designwise, I think I’ll keep the site in this “bleach” or “snow” look for a while, as I add features back into the mix, piece by piece. I’ll apply an overall style at the end, though so far I’m really enjoying this new simple template more than the mockups I have sitting in photoshop.

If anyone finds any problems with the site, feel free to drop a comment here. Sorry, commenting is broken for now.