Road trip idea #1

I drove on freeways for 8 hours today and often I was driving next to the same three cars for an hour. So then I had an idea.

1. Everyone gets a Raspberry Pi that runs off a 12v cigarette lighter in their car

2. Every car-based Pi connects to a car’s stereo via Bluetooth and comes with a FM transmitter set to a different FM broadcast band for each Pi and you get stickers with your broadcast band to put on the rear window of your car

3. Tune your radio to any frequency you see on other cars then hear what everyone in that car is currently listening to.

4. It’s basically “sharing the AUX” with your fellow nearby drivers, but passively and wirelessly.

6 responses to “Road trip idea #1”

  1. This is a plot-point in my second novel, Eastern Standard Tribe (2002). I called it “traffic napster.”

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    1. I read it back then! On today’s drive in a sensory deprivation tank with the road droning for 8hrs straight it probably came back from my subconscious


  2. I’m here for it and would absolutely do it… If you are willing to spec out the parts needed.


  3. I seem to remember something like this existing, but falling foul of legal problems because technically it makes you a pirate radio station.

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    1. Low power stations are legal in the US and typically work like up to 100 feet away. There are homes for sale with transmitters that say “tune to 89.9 to hear all about this home”


      1. Oh, interesting! Sounds like the US is ahead of the UK there.


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