Super chill dystopia

I love this super chill dystopia aesthetic. The Salesforce tower and transbay terminal in SF have these pylons incorporated into their layouts and you quickly forget they’re there.

The pylons are specifically there to prevent a car bomb from getting close enough to murder thousands and destroy landmark buildings.

But they’re chill af in the building footprints. They’re showing up more and more in major cities and they’re one of those things we just don’t think about.

3 responses to “Super chill dystopia”

  1. Thought about it briefly last week when I heard about that car striking barriers outside Parliament, after apparently going after pedestrians and cyclists.


  2. Yeah, they put cement blockers along the West Side Highway bike path, after that guy killed eight people with a pickup truck. They’re (slowly) replacing them with proper bollards, which look nicer and seem less dangerous to cyclists.


  3. The word for those pylons is “bollard”. It is a fun word to say.



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