Google Chrome to Drop Support for H.264

Chromium's blog informs that Google Chrome will drop support for H.264 in the coming months and will only support WebM (VP8) and Theora codecs.


Google's latest news reminds of having a capricious boss that makes up new shit every few weeks that no one wants or needs. We've all been there, right?

"Look people, I know the linux mail server is perfectly functional and it only requires Bill in IT to look at for one hour each month, but I really think scraping it and deploying Microsoft Exchange will do wonders for our productivity. Once we get a couple MCE engineers hired, we're looking at a two-month deployment…"

There is no good reason for Chrome to drop a video standard that YouTube helped push.

come break bread with us at the Old Timers Ball

SXSW is coming up and as it has gotten bigger, it has gotten harder to find friends, so Kevin Smokler, Kevin Newsum, and I thought it would be nice to throw an “Old Timers Ball” for ye olde school webloggers to meet, greet, and catch up with each other on the first Friday night. It’ll be at the Side Bar in Austin (map below) from 5-8pm. It’s a no-host cash bar (you pay for your beers, basically) and we welcome friends new and old to come hang out.

RSVP at Upcoming, if you like, but we look forward to seeing you there.


Side Bar (602 E 7th)
Friday March 11
5-8 pm


(Featuring a UB the DJ set: bring your iPod, iPhone or mp3 player and we’ll spin some of your tunes at the party)


Said the Gramophone: BEST SONGS OF 2010

BEST SONGS OF 2010by SeanPlease note: MP3s are only kept online for a short time, and if this entry is from more than a couple of weeks ago, the music probably won't be available to download any more.


I've gotten a copy of the entire "best 100 songs of 2010" in my quest to at least start listening to new (to me) music. So far I am loving this mix.

Standouts include the Titus Andronicus track (#27) that sounds like Guided by Voices sing over a Dinosaur Jr. song from the best era of Dinosaur Jr. I had heard the new Sade album was good but the track included (#96) is really great and making me want the whole record. The list also introduced me to the1shanti, an almost nerdcore rapper doing rhymes about various bits of technology. I also enjoyed the bits of world music making the mix that I certainly would have missed completely (#22, The Good Ones, from Rwanda).

Why is Boba Fett so popular?

Han Solo's the most badass character in Star Wars. Just don't give a damn, handsome as hell, rocks the vest to a degree that science still cannot explain, seduces the heck out of Leia, shoots Greedo without giving a FUUUUCK


The whole comment is great, but "rocks the vest to a degree that science still cannot explain" rings incredibly true.

2010 Year in Review, Part 1: Racing & Fanhood – Competitive Cyclist

It’s amazing that blogs even exist any more. Facebook and Twitter are the Fast Food Nation of thought. Who wouldn’t rather take 15 seconds to spout something off instead of the hours it takes to write a decent blog entry? Bloggers are the resistance, and before they get taken into custody in the name of Vapid Über Alles they need props while they’re still with us.


I love this passage from a long blog entry from a major online bike shop. I remember when blogs were the resistance from traditional long form journalism!

2010 at MetaFilter: that’s a lot of stats

I've been doing MetaFilter for over 11 years now, and I'm almost always proud to share that with new people I meet that ask me what I do for a living. I get to live out my dream of goofing off on the internet and running websites and it somehow pays the bills. It took many years and lots of work to get there, and it takes even more to keep it going.

About the only time I don't like mentioning it is when I run into an old friend I haven't seen in some time and they ask me what I'm working on lately. "Still doing MetaFilter? Really?" is often the response I get, and I understand it may seem like I'm standing still these past few years given that I haven't launched a ton of new projects (beyond Fuelly, and releasing newish sections of MetaFilter).

A couple weeks ago I figured I'd compile some stats on MetaFilter to let old friends now how much of a monster the project has become. It's a corporation now with employees. We have healthcare and a 401k plan now. Also? It's a shit ton of work to do by hand, for the five people that help keep the site and servers sane. In the past few years I've been contacted by representatives at some major companies sniffing around for acquisitions, but when they find out the moderation and maintenance of the community is all done by hand and we have to talk to thousands of people like grown-ups instead of some amazing whiz-bang python script doing it all for us, the conversation ends and we go back to work.

Thanks to the hard work of Paul Bausch, Josh Millard, and Jessamyn West (and vacapinta!) we compiled a bunch of stats on usage of the site and community contributions for 2010. I threw it into photoshop and started making a monster sized infographic to share these interesting stats in an attractive package. I had to wait for December 31st to get final 2010 numbers, which I plugged in last night and published this morning. Click on the thumbail to see the whole thing.

Screen shot 2011-01-03 at 12.50.21 PM
Thanks as always to the excellent community that make MetaFilter great. Every day I get to wake up to dozens of interesting links and discussions and a handful of amazing questions and answers I thank my lucky stars I get to do this day in and day out.

The future of Microsoft

A lot of people seemed worried about Microsoft's future, given less people are buying computers running the Windows OS and their Microsoft Office cash cow could be threatened by free alternatives going forward.

But I have to say in the week I've owned an xbox 360, I can't believe how often I've used it (often for watching movies/shows on Netflix streaming) and how slick and user-friendly the platform is. The new Kinect is pretty amazing, going way past the cool intuitive approach of the Nintendo Wii with the simple controller by getting rid of the controller entirely. I threw the dance party kinect game up yesterday when some friends came over and everyone from age 5 to 50 enjoyed getting down to 70s hits.

Put simply, the xbox 360 is an incredible home entertainment delivery device, one that has already got me to spend $50 on xbox gold and $50 on xbox live points, about $250 on games, and this is in addition to the $300 unit I got as a gift. It's a pleasure to use, super handy for streaming movies, and the games are super fun.

Microsoft has a killer living room appliance and bridge to the internet that easily hooks up to your TV. If their business models around gaming are at all set up correctly, they should have no problem remaining a dominant force in the technology world.