This is broken too: Threadless shopping cart logins

Threadless is my favorite place to buy t-shirts, period (this includes any offline stores). I’ve bought dozens and dozens of them and I even subscribed to the shirt of the month club for a year, but every time I make the mistake of throwing a few shirts in my virtual cart and then remembering to login afterwards, I lose all my previous selections. I buy shirts there every couple months and in between each visit I often forget about this bug in the long lost hopes someone fixes it. When I got hit with it for the millionth time tonight, I took a few quick screen captures to demonstrate the problem.

Here is video of the shopping cart failure

The first 30 second bit is me adding a shirt to my cart, continuing to shop, then logging in and trying to check out, but my cart turns up empty. Not good.

The second shorter bit is after I add a shirt to my cart, go to check out, then remember I should login to grab my saved address/credit card/etc info, but as you can see it clears out the cart. Oftentimes I lose 15 minutes of shopping time picking out just the right shirts in my size because the cart clears out every time upon login. Then I have to try and remember all the designs I liked and put them back in the cart (often I just quit and shop the next time they send me a ‘new releases’ email)

Threadless, I love you guys to death but I’ve encountered this bug for about two years and would love love love it if you fixed it with some cookie/session storage of shirt selections so I don’t lose my cart upon login

(why login? if you don’t login, it basically creates a new threadless account with your exact same details and there was a time I was subscribed to their mailing list three times under different “accounts”).

update: by the power of greyskull, this has been fixed!

7 responses to “This is broken too: Threadless shopping cart logins”

  1. wow, i’ve ran into this bug so many times and cursed it every single time (especially on $10 sale days). who would have thought that a little blog post would get it fixed. the internet triumphs over itself, again.


  2. actually. we are going to use this blog as our bug tracker. so please feel free to blog all the other bugs you have found.


  3. Holy crap, awesome. I just tested this out and it worked (and I ordered 7 shirts in the process). Thanks Harper!


  4. If you haven’t already, you might want to try posting this on their Get Satisfaction site:


  5. Yep, that one drives me mad aswell. It’s made me abandon orders in the past.


  6. Next time I need something fixed on the internet, I’m asking you to post about it Matt.


  7. I can’t seem to get the Threadless website to let me OPEN my cart. So, even though I’d like to buy stuff, I give up. Very frustrating. I can put stuff in, but most of the time, can’t get into the cart to purchase. Seems like a poor business strategy on their part…this ought to be easier.


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