Crap I love: Zombie Pumpkins

I’ve never used stencils to create a design on a pumpkin before, but after I watched a friend do it the other day while my freehand pumpkin came out looking like crap, I realized it was worth the time and effort, and wasn’t too difficult.

I searched all over last night for good designs and I have to say Zombie Pumpkins wins hands down on stencil design quality. There’s a paypal access thing (you can pay whatever you feel like from $2 on up for unlimited access for this halloween season) but after I chipped in a fiver, I got a password and could print anything I wanted. The site also has loads of helpful tips.

This was my first stencil, done in about 15 minutes:

Ooga Booga

and I was happy with the results. Then I tried something more difficult. It took about 45min and a lot more patience:

I can’t say enough good things about Zombie Pumpkins. They have loads of cool designs and they’re easy enough to follow that anyone could do them.

Vox is a Go!

Vox launched today and I can’t say enough good things about it. Just try it out and see (it helps if you get a few friends and family roped in as well).

Dad, if you’re reading this, this is that invite I sent you a few weeks back that you never used. Sign up and email me your Vox blog URL when you’re done.

Thanks Mena, Ben, and the rest of the Six Apart crew for building this app. It is going to literally make many people’s lives better.