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A few weeks ago, an editor at the NYT contacted me asking if I wanted to write gadget reviews for the thursday tech section. I was floored by the opportunity and jumped at the chance. After pitching a few ideas, I got one greenlighted and spent a couple days testing the product out. My first NYT piece is up, and I can’t describe how crazy this is. I won’t believe it actually happened until I get a paper copy of the NYT in my hands tomorrow.

Years ago, I never thought I was the type of person that could ever be mentioned in the Times, and even after a few of those, I never in a million years thought I would write for it. I’m looking forward to testing out more cool gadgets and writing them up for the Old Gray Lady.

Google IM

I have to say I really like the plain, functional simplicity of the Google IM client on Windows. It’s easy to manage multiple windows, you can easily see where a conversation left off, and there aren’t any ads anywhere.

One thing struck me as odd though — this is a IM client by Google, and yet, I don’t see any way of searching through old conversations. There’s a way to search for other users, but I’m surprised that a search engine pioneer didn’t ship an app with text search built-in.

(Yeah, I know Google Desktop probably indexes Google IM conversations, but still there should be a direct search from within the app)

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I’m on Google Talk right now

So I guess the cat got out of the bag a little early. I tried it out with iChat (hit command-3 to bring up jabber and configure) and got right in with the details at that link.

I just realized something. I use Google for searching with my personal history turned on, and I view it through my personal portal, and I get all my personal mail through Gmail, and everything I’ve said online for the past ten years is available within Google’s index, and now all my daily chitter-chatter could be on a Google server as well.

They don’t do evil, but still, it’s something to think about.

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