Yo Apple, make this happen

Now that I have a phone that takes some impressive photos (This shot is probably the best example I’ve seen for color, depth, and light that the little cam can capture), I really wish iPhoto could manage my images instead of my preview-free bluetooth file browser.

I bet it’d be trivial for Apple to enable connections via Bluetooth (to your paired devices) to import photos.

Best of the net music for 2004

I want to spare you from reading another indie-heavy best of 2004 music list, so instead of recounting my absolute favorite albums this year, I decided to highlight all the little guys I enjoyed this year. These are my favorite unsigned or small label bands that started out as a person in their apartment with a PC and a website. The real indies, if you will.

Citizens Here and AbroadTheir debut is so consistent that I still spin this in my daily mix, and I love their video. They also do a great high energy show.

Goh Nakamura – A guy with a PC and a guitar (and a boatload of effects pedals I hear) making delightful music. It’s like coffee spot folk music, but with a sense of humor and an undercurrent of romance. Lots of catchy little love songs on his debut.

Say Hi To Your Mom – I bought his first album via paypal on his site last year, and now he’s on a little label and I picked up the new one at the iTunes Music Store. The new release is even better than the first and I’m happy to hear he’s on a small label and doing east coast tours.

Fredo Viola – I found out about this guy from this incredible music video he shot for his Sad Song. He used the 15 second animated-gif function of a cheap nikon digital camera to shoot the entire thing and it’s a clever use of simple tech to produce something that looks fantastic. It was good enough to get me to buy the album, which is great. It’s got an ephemeral sound, sorta like a male Enya or something with tons of vocal layering. Fantastic driving music, I find.

Dealership – The dealership kids finally got their third album out on a small label and toured the country with it. It’s fantastic and also has a great video for my favorite track on the disc.

Magnatune – not an album or band, but an internet label that offers downloadable samples and a sliding pay scale. Discs I enjoyed in 2004 from this small outfit included Cargo Cult, Emma’s Mini, and the Magnatune Remixed disc. If you’re ever at a conference they’re at, try out their genre sampler CDs, or just listen to their entire catalog stream.

Worth a mention: I discovered Brad Sucks last fall so it can’t make it into this 2004 list, but I still hear his songs everyday in my monster mix and enjoy them all. It’s still a wonder his music hasn’t caught on like wildfire with a label.

Format shifting fun for the whole family

I’ve recently jumped ship, from the Playstation 2 to the xbox, mostly for the insane hackability of the xbox (the xbox is basically wide open now and can be used in all sorts of ways, most notably as a media server).

Now that I’m using the xbox for more than a few minutes per week, I’m wondering what games I should have aside from the usual obvious suspects for first person shooters and sports games.

What are some good simple fun group games that even non-gamers can use? So far I’ve only found a Trival Pursuit game that’s so-so. If you know of any good 2-4 player games that anyone can enjoy, I’d really appreciate if you dropped me a line.

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