A pinhole view of the world

Ever since I first picked up a camera, I’ve been aware of how vastly different a scene can look, depending on how you shoot it.

It’s interesting to see this happen today in NYC at the RNC protests. Jason took some photos here and so did Donald Tetto. Many of the same buildings in the backgrounds, but Jason’s look like a ghost town in many parts, while Donald’s gallery is chock full of folks in every frame. Perhaps it was timing, perhaps it was framing, but it’s interesting to see two very different views of the same events, same locations, and all on the same day.

(this is probably my favorite photo in Donald’s gallery)

An arresting insanity

After watching the Bikes Against Bush guy getting arrested, I really can’t believe they’re confiscating all his equipment until after the RNC for vandalism which will be dismissed. Leonard pulled the diamonds out of the Slashdot thread about it. Honestly, it’s a clever hack and even if the designer used it at the DNC, writing “KERRY LIES” and “BUSH RULES” I would still be impressed with the technology that allows someone to type something into a website that gets received by a bike that prints it out in chalk.

The original Indymedia thread mentions that Sunday morning he was released, and could get another bike running again, but needs funds. I just dropped him some money on the paypal button listed on the main Bikes Against Bush site so I hope him and Yury can get something rolling in the next day or so.