Supersized PR con

Last year, when I heard that TechCentralStation was a lobbying group that participated in some shady campaigns disguised as journalism, I didn’t pay it much mind, since beyond simple politics, it didn’t seem to result in a spate of bad articles there. Well, I guess that time has passed, when I found their concerted effort to discredit Morgan Spurlock’s film Supersize Me.

Looks like some whacky conservative outfit even tried to replicate Supersize Me, but with tons of exercise and different choices to somehow show McDonalds was healthy.

update: Oh perfect, TechCentralStation receives funding from McDonalds, among other corporations.

Gmail problem solved

Sweet! After trying a couple registry hacks that didn’t quite work, this program did what I wanted. It opens a new window with just the new message window populated (without the rest of the gmail “chrome”) but I’m sure Google will create some sort of toolbar extension that does the same.

Damn those loggers

I have to say that I agree Dave Winer in this AP article:

“This thing has been blown so far out of proportion,” he said. “It’s just unbelievable to me.”

While I think Dave should have posted a warning ahead of time to users and can take steps to get the sites back online sooner, making this front page news at (screenshot) is insane, not to mention the ridiculous headline.

Getting your gmail on

Is there any way to specify your default email app as a website in a Windows XP system? Currently, my office workstation has an ancient copy of Eudora I haven’t used in years, but whenever I need to email someone from my PC (I do all my email on a powerbook), I have to copy/paste addresses by hand and use my mac or use Gmail.

It seems like there should be a way to tell firefox my default email app isn’t an app, but is instead

update: a bunch of people sent me some registry hacks to make this happen. Seems that all you need to change is this key:


Add the path to firefox and the URL to gmail, and it should work (I’ll try it out in the morning)