(fallen bicycles, originally uploaded by thoha) There’s really nothing worth blogging when you come back from a vacation to find out that over 100k people are dead due to a national disaster. How to help.

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MOOX Power! optimized firefox builds for various PC processors (categories: firefox mozilla optimize) Inside LiveJournal’s Backend Lots of servers, lots of iterations, just like MetaFilter (categories: behindthewebsite livejournal serveradmin)

Temp Signage

The Seattle Public Library’s Central location is amazing, and although you could probably get twice the usable space if the building was conventional, I found it to be a really cool place. There are public spaces and private study spaces, the whole thing can be walked from top to bottom even though it doesn’t appear …

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Flickr is a MMOG | a n t e n n a A good point I hadn’t heard anyone else make (categories: flickr play webapps) My SPGM gallery New for 89: a 20Mhz 386 w/ 2Mb of RAM for only $8499. And the mouse is extra. (categories: compsci computers history)

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On Being a Photographer – Excerpt tips on photography (categories: photography tips toread) So you got a PVR for Christmas… | PVRblog George wrote a great post linking to every helpful link for your new DVR (categories: mediacenter replay tips tivo)

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The Dude Prophetizes whoa, freaky coincidence in the Big Lebowski (categories: lebowski movies thedude) Relax, Everything Is Deeply Intertwingled: Weblications After reading this post, I’m almost ready to forward all mail to gmail and stop using desktop clients completely. (categories: dhtml predictions webapps) Google humor Shellen is hilarious. (categories: comedy google images)