dead, dead, dead

Wow, they really did kill So much of the net’s history gone in a flash, I do hope they create some mechanism (that isn’t laden with DRM) to bring back music hosting for anyone that can record a song at home on their PC.

I bet takes off in the absence of, they were like a better version, though they require users and musicians to actively participate for it to work.


Want to see how much more information is stored in a photo taken with a 6+ megapixel digital SLR? I took a few test shots with my new Digital Rebel at the highest jpeg quality setting, which is about 3000×2000 images (not a RAW or TIFF image). Here’s a shot of my cat sitting in the sun, downsized to 750×500. And here’s a 750×500 chunk of the original photo. Notice there’s nary a hint of pixelation anywhere. After years of using 1 megapixel cameras and more recently a 3 megapixel camera, the stuff coming out of the SLR is unbelieveable.

I haven’t printed anything with this camera yet but I bet prints from inkjets or ofoto are going to look superb given all the detail in these images.

Spam, spam, spam

After living with 100s of emails per day that got around spamassassin and blacklists (they tend to have subjects and text that l00k l!ke th!s), I finally gave up and followed everyone else’s lead to Knowspam. The weirdest part about it, now that it is in place, is getting 4 or 5 emails when I woke up today, instead of having to wade through 150 (mostly bogus) messages every morning.

I never wanted to retreat to a whitelist situation, but it seems to work too good already and I’m sticking with it.