IE broken as ever

One downside of Internet Explorer no longer being updated is that its bugs will stick around for some time. A new one I discovered yesterday was that IE’s handling of images as form buttons is broken when used as a submit button.

I found a horrible hack was change back to a normal submit type, then set background-image of the button to the graphic, with the appropriate heights and widths, and a border of none. Unfortunately, this would only look exactly the same if I cleared the value out (so text wasn’t on top of the graphic), making the buttons appear blank on non-CSS aware browsers.

But it works in IE. Bad IE!

Recently overheard

“Having a teenaged daughter is tough. When I was young, I had go-go boots and miniskirts, but my daughter who just turned 14 is wearing those low riding jeans. Worse yet, some of her friends wear their jeans so low their ass sticks out of the top.”

(nods all around from the woman’s friends)

“All I want to know is, what comes after ass crack? Where do we go from that?!”

buy buy buy, consume consume consume

I wish I had the energy necessary to run a site like Kevin Kelly’s Recomendo, but here’s a short list of recent things (mostly media purchases) that I’ve been loving every bit of:

And for no reason, a list of things I am lusting after (all for the new house — pathetic what I’ve become, no?):

Signs I’m getting older (aside from the above list — my 31st birthday is coming up in a couple weeks): five years ago, when I hung out with friends all we talked about was new music and art house movies (and the web). Now all we talk about are mortgage rates and who is trying to conceive (and the web, but just a little).

Grand Central Flash

Macromedia’s Central went into beta today, and although I’ve seen some pretty cool demos at conferences, the beta is fairly crippled. It looks like it has a lot of potential for delivering paid flash content, but it does suffer from the same usability problems that most flash apps do.

Case in point: in the movie demo app, if you put in your zip and select a single theater from the list, then click on a movie title to find out times, when you hit Central’s back button, you lose your place and are stuck back on the main theater list. This is the same way macromedia’s exchange section works, making their search engine almost useless for going through more than one result at a time (because using the back button clears your place and/or search).


The author of gangstories has decided to shut down the site, just a few weeks into it. I can understand how painful it must be to bring stories back from your youth and have to relive them in public. After reading a few of them, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when someone featured in a story would someday find it.

It’s certainly rough stuff to read and I can’t imagine what it’s like to write, so I guess I can see why raw, disturbing stories like these are so rare.