New Tivo leaked image

Whoa! I’ve been looking forward to the new features coming to Tivo soon, and this image provides the first possible look into what it might mean. If it’s using full rendezvous support, where photos and music are streamed over a home network from an OS X machine, I’ll totally be using this.

There are a variety of products that let you stream music from a computer to a stereo system, but cost a couple hundred dollars. It’ll be interesting to see how Tivo continues along an Apple-like path of making the DVR into a media hub.

Make Google News work for you

I wish I could track keywords at Google News, and have it email me automatically whenever a new hit matches for my search term(s). In a way, Google News serves as a low-budget clipping service — I use it to periodically check for press mentions of my projects and I’m frequently surprised to find articles I would have missed otherwise.

update: Lazyweb indulges me again. I got lots of pointers to the google news RSS app and a perl module that could run as a cronjob. Eventually a friend set me up with exactly what I need, which is perfect.

Weblogs: like a tuxedo shirt on a personal site

I have to agree with David’s observation about weblogs in a post-Google buyout of Pyra.

Whenever I meet extended family, family friends, or new people at a non-web party I’m often asked what I do for a living. After a couple years of confused faces, I’ve settled upon “computer stuff” as a generic catch-all. Last week when I met some friends of other family members, I gave them the generic answer, but when a family member asked me about the pyra-google deal, these new friends (both lawyers, and not net savvy) perked up and said “Oh! That’s the blogging thing. You worked for that blogging company?!”

It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I never have to explain what a weblog is ever again.

Fred Durst, well-spoken man

You know, when I heard Fred Durst say “I hope we’re all in agreeance that this war should go away as soon as possible” last night at the Grammies (after laughing about the agreeance of course), I thought he said “this award should go away.”

Then I checked the category “best hard rock”. Hmm. Is he saying that hard rock/metal shouldn’t have its own category? Is he going for a transcendent moment where all music is one, labels don’t matter, and hard rock shall be judged along side mainstream rock?

Nope, turns out he was just making a half-assed anti-war statement.

Creepy assholes are funny

I just saw Old School and enjoyed it (not great, but worth a few laughs). I’ve missed Will Farrell from SNL since he left, but I think the real star was Vince Vaughn‘s character. It’s pretty much the same creepy asshole from his post-Swingers film Made, which that itself was a stronger version of the Swingers asshole.

Speaking of creepy asshole characters, I have to say The Office (now on BBC America) raises it to an artform. Every line they give David and Finchy are cringe-worthy and hilarious. It took a couple episodes for me to get into the show, but now I can’t miss it. It feels a lot like the unscripted comedies like Best in Show, Spinal Tap, and Waiting for Guffman.