Not your typical weblog

A lot of what makes weblogs interesting is their personal, emphemeral, and informal nature. People can post the first thing off the top of their head (as evidenced here for the past three years), without anything in the way. If you can think it, you can post it.

That said, when a weblog comes along that takes a more serious tone, it’s already a breed apart. When it’s also filled with thoughtful commentary, you have something above and beyond your typical weblog. isn’t a typical weblog. It covers how online communities deal with death of their members, but what I love about it is the thoughtful essays posted by Dana. Instead of reading like a running tally of every site Dana has seen that day, it reads more like the research notes on a fascinating book. It’s a fairly new site, but I can already tell she’s onto something great there.

netflix for gamerz

How to make lots of money: create a duplicate online service like Netflix, but carry video games. One of the reasons I don’t own a playstation 2 or xbox is because I can’t see spending $60 per game for something I’ll get tired of after a couple weeks (or worst case — buy a game that sucks after just a couple days). I don’t know why Netflix doesn’t expand their already established operation, because it seems like a perfect application. I’d love to try lots of games and only buy the best ones for my own personal copies. Otherwise, I’d endlessly rent the newest games.

update: matt wrote in with these similar services: Govojo, Gamefly, Veegeez, Dealdude, and Numbthumb

elan sent redoctane

jenny sent bommerang games

Judging by user experience, price, and features, gamefly looks the most complete and trustworthy (and they’re local, which would help), and redoctane looks good. It’s great to see the wide range of options on something I had no idea existed. It’s also interesting to see how much utility, usability, and design govern my decisions. I wouldn’t use veegeez unless a close personal friend could prove to me they have a great service (it doesn’t look like it on the surface).