Derek made me post this :)

The latest Fray story is a Halloween treat.

Everyone had that maladjusted kid that lived nearby growing up. For me, it was Marty, a kid that lived down the street. We were friends for a year or two, and I used to love hanging out at his mom’s bakery to get free cookies and playing at the arcade next door. But he had a dark side: he was always a bit of a spaz and into GI Joe toys. By the time I hit 5th grade or so, I was growing out of them while he suddenly grew serious about them. I remember during 6th grade I stopped talking to him because he became obsessed with World War II history, communism, and building pipe bombs for fun. It was all he talked about, and he started wearing a military beret to school everyday. His other favorite pasttime was shooting neighborhood cats with a bb gun.

Someday very soon, you’re going

Someday very soon, you’re going to be watching some cheesy horror film or some cheesy crime drama show on TV whose story revolves around a crazed killer hunting the lead character, but using the internet instead of conventional means to get close. As the story approaches climax, an exchange much like the following will take place.

[camera pans down from lead character to a laptop, showing an on-screen message from killer stating that he is getting very close to killing them. lead character dials 911]

lead (on phone): Hello? Emergency?! A crazed homicidal maniac is stalking me!

operator: Where are you now? Can you see them?

[Cut to a montage of the lead explaining the killer’s tactics and threats to the operator for a minute or so, operator patches in specialized police detective]

lead (on phone): Oh god, I just got another message that I should fear for my life!

detective (phone): Ok, we’re running a trace on that…we’ve captured some packets, we’re just doing a quick lookup to trace it…

lead: Yeah? And? Am I safe?!

detective: We’re finally getting something. Oh god, you won’t believe…

lead: What!? What on earth is it?!

detective: Get out of the house!

lead: What? Why?!

detective: Drop the laptop and leave! We intercepted the message and traced the IP adress. The killer’s message originated from your local network. Repeat! They are on your network!

Really, it’s not a matter of if you’ll ever see this, but when.

Or, it just might be a scene from my upcoming hit musical, Night of the living wardrivers.

An email forwarded from a

An email forwarded from a friend revealed a secret account I was to correspond with. 24 hours later it was confirmed, two tickets for a special advanced screening were reserved, show up at the right place at the right time.

Earlier this evening Adaptation was screened with Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman present. I wish I could tell you about the film, and the great Q&A that followed, but I can’t.

After leaving almost two hours before the screening, and travelling 35 miles in almost all that time, the seats were already given away.

God I hate bay area traffic.