Andre inadvertently created a great

Andre inadvertently created a great way to categorize the world when he created FilePile. Using a simple system of labels, the world can be split into three piles, [this is good], [this is bad], and [this is offensive].

Also inadvertent would be my application of such labels to real world objects soon after Andre put a handful of stickers into my hand. I should apologize to my cat here and now for this, but I hope he understands how the world is better organized for my having done it.

On the plane ride home

On the plane ride home last night, i was going through my photos and found an interesting shot of Lawrence Lessig’s slide that simply says “fight the mouse.” I downsized it and cropped it slightly to create desktops for both macs (including a tibook size) and PCs here:

It’s a nice reminder to myself, whenever I minimize all my applications that I shouldn’t forget the ridiculous things Eisner and company are trying to do to maintain their control over artists, creators, customers, and the public at large.

And just like that SXSW

And just like that SXSW is a blur. How much of a blur was it?

I just got home to San Francisco tonight, after speaking for 90 minutes on the first panel of the day, and 90 at the end of the day. I can’t recall anything I said in either panel, but I was exhausted and feeling under the weather, so hopefully it wasn’t too bad. I distinctly remember a few outbreaks of laughter at both panels, and an outburst of applause once, but I haven’t the faintest idea what I said to elicit those responses.

I’ve got a lot of good photos to put up and some words to write down. I should probably write before I’ve forgotten the experience, but it is largely a blur.

I noticed from surfing around

I noticed from surfing around a few sites mentioning “sxsw” at daypop, there are a lot of people here I haven’t met yet. I kind of wish there was some sort of wireless application to solve this problem. I have my bookmarks stored on my laptop. Many of those bookmarked people are here but I don’t know what they look like. What if we could send out little pings of our url, and whenever someone within your list was within 50 feet of you, you hear a beep. Getting closer to them, the beeps would begin repeating at an increasing rate. Then you’d find those people.

Or something like that.

Last night I finally made

Last night I finally made some money (instead of spending it) from the SXSW trip. Mena, who never wins anything was up for best weblog at the awards. At some point on sunday we had the following conversation:

“you’re totally going to win that blog award you know”

“what? no I’m not, I never win anything”

“you are so going to win”

“I guarantee you I will lose. I always lose. I’ve spent my whole life losing”

“I’ll bet you five bucks”

“you’re on”

It was nice to see her win and all, but I was happier to win the bet. Five bucks, pure profit.

Thoughts from the Dallas

Thoughts from the Dallas airport, 5:30AM

It’s far too early to be walking next to camouflaged men wielding M-16s.

While I’ve been trying to forget this is my first flight since 9/11, and keep thoughts of hijacks to a minimum as I await my connecting flight, the airport’s faux CNN feed is looping stories from the tragedy.

Keep in mind I’m in an airport.

I just heard someone’s final words from tower 1, spoken into a cellphone and recorded as a message explaining that something bad happened and she might be late getting home. Next up are real stories of courage and conviction staring firefighters. Following that is the story of a buried victim saved 27 hours afterwards. She’s happy to be alive but can’t walk normally again. All of it is presented with a mock Stone Phillips style of narration. Apparently the tragedy is television gold for late night programming.

I can’t remember the last time I saw the trade center video, and this morning I’ve watched tower 2 fall several times. In an airport.

The absurdity is capped off with a quick celebrity “InStyle” interview with Stevie Nicks, and her struggles with drugs through the 80’s and 90’s. Yeah, that’s about the same level of hardship as 3,000 lives lost. Sure.

Before 6am, the airport is sparsely populated and the TVs are very loud. You can’t escape them, as there seems to be one about every 50′ in the terminal. As you one fades away, the next grows louder. Thank god for headphones and this wayport wireless connection.

Yes I’m cranky from the red-eye flight.