Four simple strings, one per

Four simple strings, one per finger. Tiny size. Just a few simple chords and you can play almost anything. I’ve always had a fascination with ukuleles. It’s probably due to watching friends pick up the guitar. They wouldn’t just buy an instrument, play with it for a while, and stop. It would always be a lifestyle change. They didn’t merely pick up the guitar, they became guitarists. They’d talk about the hours upon hours they devoted year after year of playing. All the talk of blisters on fingers. Arguments about proper fingerwork.

So the uke has fascinated me because it seems simple enough to pick up without requiring much more than fifty bucks on an instrument and a book or two. Eventually, I knew I’d find a uke blog that would allow me to wallow in my uke love. BoingBoing’s ukulele site is great, you’ll find cool ukes you’ll want, great uke artists, and uke-related news.

The Star Tribune’s website

The Star Tribune’s website redesign is nice to look at, but I haven’t seen that much tiny 10px text outside of k10k. Can anyone over the age of 40 use that navbar?

[screenshot of what I see in IE6 running on win2k]

UPDATE: The problem is IE6 only (and yes, I checked my font settings, everything was at the default), I noticed it looked fine in 5.5 at home. I exchanged email last night with someone on the StarTribune staff, and they’re rewriting the stylesheet and stylesheet sniffer to fix it.