About a month ago, I

About a month ago, I got an email from someone at Amazon, asking me about the Amazon Honor System. They mentioned some sort of press stunt about to take place, a barbeque with Jeff Bezos, and the need for quotes from participants in the AHS (to go in a press pack given to anyone that covered the event). I wrote down a couple glowing phrases, emailed it off, and got a quick email of thanks.

Today UPS dropped off a strange looking package. It was strange because it was from amazon, but it didn’t look like anything from amazon. Inside was some swag, a sweatshirt and a coffee mug, along with a note of thanks.

Who knew the 800 pound gorilla of e-commerce still has nice, thoughtful humans working inside?

One of the pointless, goofy

One of the pointless, goofy ideas I had yesterday was to build a collaborative site at SicamExchange.com. I’d let people upload the sircam attachments they’ve decoded, share those with others for download, rate, and talk about the files metafilter-style. Basically like FilePile, but just for gathered attachments.

I found some real gems after I started using the virus decoder mentioned on lafefx here.

One week until Kay and

One week until Kay and I set foot into Australia for the first time (and the first time I think we’ll both be out of North America). I read Bill Bryson’s book and while I’m fearing the glut of poisonous and dangerous animals, I can’t wait to see the beauty that lies within the continent. We’ll be in Sydney, then Cairns, then Adelaide, then off to the wine country in Claire Valley to attend a friend’s wedding (that also happens to be on a working sheep station).

Two weeks of offline adventure lie ahead and I’ve never looked forward to a vacation more than I am now (since late last year and early this year were so chaotic for us, this will be the honeymoon we’ve been delaying for so long).

I’m back, and my home

I’m back, and my home DSL is as well.

Spending a few hours driving up last night, I had another night of a thousand new ideas. Again I wish I possessed a magic clock, so I could stop time tonight and finish them all. One product of the brainstorming should be online in a couple days.

Meg’s right! I popped

Meg’s right!

I popped on my server remotely and took away all references to “www.metafilter.com”, so you should be able to reach the site at (you’ll have to log in again, and I’m traveling, so I can’t fetch your forgotten password just yet).

I’m so happy for rcb and jjg today, and impressed that Rebecca even found time to post a comment on MetaFilter on her wedding day, which reminds me of something I did last year.

Just an FYI: Late last

Just an FYI: Late last night my home DSL connection went down, and with it, the nameserver for metafilter among numerous sites. I’ve hopefully got someone from XO/Covad coming to take a look Monday morning, but until then MetaFilter may be unreachable.

This is what happens when the world is built on sand, and a gust or a wave comes out of nowhere to knock it out.

I’d probably feel bad about the outage if I wasn’t enjoying myself so much in Southern California right now. So if MetaFilter is down for you, do what I’m doing, go outside and enjoy the sunshine.