The point I was trying

The point I was trying to make, and I’m not sure it was entirely clear, was that we used to make beautiful music together. Some of the sweetest, best sounding music you could ever imagine. Then we decided against doing any more records together, and he kept playing. The last song was out of tune, and the band would have never let that happen, but he keeps playing.

I guess I realized the music’s never going to sound the same.

Inspired by jason’s find today

Inspired by jason’s find today of unused IPO glasses, I did some digging at ebay for similar items. It looks like everyone’s trying to cash in on the downturn (the images with that item are great by the way). The greatest find was this set of office supplies and documents from a former Idealab! company. It includes their budget for last year, which contains everyone’s salary. I never knew that Barbie and Ken had dot com waredorbes complete with little khakis and laptops.

There’s quite a few failed dot com t-shirts for sale. A few months back I wondered if I should collect shirts from companies on their way out or gone completely. I even started said collection with an APB News bowling shirt I got for a steal.

Hopefully someone will pick up where I left off and have a museum in t-shirt form someday.

For no good reason, I’ll

For no good reason, I’ll tell you that my favorite font dingbat is found in Microsoft’s free Webdings font. It’s the # character, and it looks like this:

I hope to someday come across it in use. I could imagine going into a seaside restaurant, and seeing signs like this:

Absolutely No Shivering of Timbers Allowed

No Scalawags

Please refrain from yelling “Avast Ye Matey!” in the theater