The other day, Jish asked

The other day, Jish asked “hey, you want to catch a concert on Friday? It’s this band Guster.” I hadn’t heard them before, but Meg reminded me she went to college with them and they were good live, so I said sure.

I popped on napster and listened to a bunch of tracks, and I have to admit, I wasn’t all that impressed.

I went along with the concert plans anyway, because I rarely get to see live music, and after a pretty good canadian openning band (half the audience knew all the words to an obscure Newfoundland band – if you thought there was an impending canadian invasion let me tell you, it’s already happened. Fear the maple leaf.), Guster took the stage.

And they were amazing.

There’s been other bands I’ve seen I could compare the experience with, Rusted Root is incredible live – so much energy and so much great music that is all but lost when they record on a CD. I’d put Guster in the same place, all the incredible energy and wonderful sounds that their percussionist creates can barely be heard on their studio stuff. Just watching him play was worth it, imagine a cacophony of rhythm being produced by a guy with two hands (no sticks, just his hands) moving at the speed of light and bouncing around for an hour non-stop.

I bought a disc of theirs, and will buy their two earlier releases, as they’ve made a Guster fan for life. Bonus: they’re cool with taping their live shows, so cruising napster for artist:guster song:live results in a lot of their past gems (though a kid with a DAT recorder still doesn’t compare to hearing it in person).

Lately I’ve been seeing more

Lately I’ve been seeing more and more people wearing ugly sunglasses from the 70’s. It’s funny when seen in context, but looks dumb in the year 2001.

Who came up with the idea of wearing the ugliest, most useless sunglasses possible? Can it be traced back to a lost bet or a dare among two fashion plates?

Even when viewed just on the merits of design, they fail miserably. They aren’t improved versions of previous designs. A lot of snowboarding-inspired designs (dragon and blackflys come to mind) of the past several years borrow heavily from 60’s surfer specs (Dustin Hoffman’s character in The Graduate sports a pair when he’s floating around the pool), but these ugly 70’s designs are just straight copies. When I was in Manhattan a couple weeks back, I couldn’t help but notice them on every tenth person I saw walking down the street. Light pink lenses, baby blue, and smoked brown gradient lenses were everywhere I looked.

Ick. Wake me when this trend is over.

What did people used to

What did people used to do all day at work before email, web browsers, and instant messaging clients came out?

They didn’t actually work 8 hours a day did they? Was their day all about trading stories at the water cooler? Playing solitare on their desktop? Talking about last night’s M*A*S*H episode over the cubicle walls?

What is the next generation going to do all day instead of work? Wristwatch-mounted playstation 7 console games? Tomfoolery with their digital-video-camera-enhanced pencils? DVD playback on a tiny panel inside their eyeglass frames?

What did people do 50 years ago?

So I guess I’m officially

So I guess I’m officially a touchy-feely designer now. A company stole (screenshot) my metafilter design lock, stock, and barrel, and it feels like my house was robbed, my daughter raped, and my pets killed.


I know it’s a totally unrealistic reaction, and I can’t stop thinking about why I feel so crappy over this. I’ve had my car broken into several times, personal belongings and stereos stolen, and this feels much worse. My hands are shaking and my stomach is knotted up. I’m a big ball of anger right now.

It’s probably because they’re a business first and foremost. If it were a personal site, I’d be annoyed, but in the past I haven’t done anything about thefts of my stuff for personal use. The fact that they’re a business, and they’re using my hard work to represent them is where the problem lies. Pouring two years of work into something that’s basically gotten you squat financially is another big reason. I’m more and more aware of all the hours I spend on the site, and lately I can’t stop thinking if I should move on, and do something else with my time.

Though a few friends tried

Though a few friends tried to convince me long ago, I’ve finally seen the light. I can’t get enough of Sloan now.

A couple weeks ago, James gave me a compliation CD with a couple of their tracks, and the other day I popped on napster, searched for “sloan” and ended up downloading 25+ tracks in a very short while (who said napster was dead?). I actually had to double-check some of the tracks against their discography at cdnow and amazon, they have stuff that ranges all over the place musically, but it’s great.

(oh, and a few discs of theirs are headed to me via amazon, thanks to the great stuff I got from napster)