This is why I

This is why I like working on Blogger. A fellow professor at Kay’s work had twins, her husband bought a digital camera, and rationalized it by promising that he’d keep a journal with photographs to document their growth. And they’re in it for the long haul, if you look down the sidebar at the “events” listing.

A million people could complain about Blogger being slow and their ftp or archives not working, and I just keep thinking of sites like this, and how amazing the stuff we’re doing is, and it makes it all worth it.

Pointless Statistical Projects for

Pointless Statistical Projects for a Sunday Afternoon: create a graph of magazine thickness vs. time, for Business 2.0, Fast Company, Industry Standard, and Wired. Then overlay NASDAQ index levels, and finally give a r2 value to determine how those things are correlated. If they don’t correlate, is there a time shift due to publishing delays?

If I had enough magazines, I would have completed such a project, but for now it’s just a pointless wish.

Those wacky greenpeace kids are

Those wacky greenpeace kids are at it again. I think we all know that “protest” is going to be a big word over the next four years. It’ll be interesting to see if all these calls to action bear fruit, and bring some understanding and unity on the part of the new president, or if they polarize the country more.

I do hope the Alaskan Wilderness survives unscathed, it seems to be the will of most Alaskans I know, though a real or perceived energy crunch could turn it into an oil field overnight.