Everyone knows that parking in

Everyone knows that parking in San Francisco is a pain, but I never knew just how bad it was until I came across some data in this article:

“Competing for the 308,000 on-street parking spaces are the 453,905 vehicles registered by the city’s 801,400 residents, the 200,000 other people who stream into San Francisco every day to work or shop, and an unknown number of tourists and sightseers who drive in for the day.”


I sure hope George W.

I sure hope George W. Bush doesn’t get elected president, because he obviously isn’t a man of the people. Shit like this: 1) alienates all non-christians, 2) crosses the “separation of church and state” line, and 3) is a farce in and of itself (there already is a “Jesus Day” wackjob, it’s called xmas).

(close up on the face,

(close up on the face, with a sudden pull back)


Napster has rekindled my love of music, and coincidentally, my buying of many new CDs of artists I would have never known existed if it wasn’t for mp3 trading. This is all about control. The record industry is making more money now, but they’re basically losing their distribution control. So of course, they have to get it back.

This is just so wrong….

Napster never ceases to amaze

Napster never ceases to amaze me. After hearing about the Bif Naked cover of the Twisted Sister classic described here, I fired up napster and about a minute later, I had the file and was listening to it. Then I went on a cover song rampage. I ended up also getting Incubus doing TLC’s “No Scrubs,” House of Pain’s “Jump Around,” and New Order’s “Blue Monday.” Then I found that Orgy did “Blue Monday” too, then I spotted Frente doing New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle,” REM doing “California Dreaming,” Ween doing Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher,” and Goldfinger doing Duran Duran’s “Rio.” And since I limited all my searches to cable modems and above (under the advanced search options), I had everything in just a couple of minutes.

I hope Napster makes it through all their legal battles, they’ve got an amazing service that I’d be happy to pay for.

I’m not dead – I’m

I’m not dead – I’m still moving, unpacking, and getting settled into my new apartment. I went to webzine2000 last night and saw a lot of eye opening things; people using the web to fight the good fight, and it made me think about world-changing ideas again. Once I get my modem (another week or so until I’m back on DSL) set up, I’ll write more. It’s something I’ve been thinking about recently and webzine was the perfect catalyst for new ideas.

I just got a Coinstar

I just got a Coinstar envelope in the mail with two gold Sacagawea dollars, one pictured below. Someone must have sent them to me, but who was it? The new coins are cool, no serrated edge like a quarter, heavier than a quarter, and a different color. So, whoever it was, thanks!

I used to have a

I used to have a perfectly stable, useful workstation for getting things done at work. Then I installed Internet Explorer 5.5, and so far today, it has crashed 5 times. Yesterday it crashed 3 times. Last week, the day I installed it, it crashed 3 times. IE 5.01 never crashed on me once in the four months I’ve been using this computer.

I knew they sent IE 5.5 too quickly to market.

Nude sunbathing is under

Nude sunbathing is under attack, and I know it sounds like I’m a follower of The Man Show if I say I support nude sunbathing, but this quote is what cinches my position:

“There are topless bars and porn videos around everywhere and our argument is that it would be much healthier for people not to see women’s bodies in this sexualised way”

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m constantly reminded (in conversations, reading the news, watching american tv) that America was settled by people with strong puritan beliefs, and even three to four hundred years later, it shines through. Europeans seem to have such a healthier view of sexuality, when compared to America. Compared to Europe, the US seems like the immature fifteen year old punks in the back of the room giggling when someone says “boobie.” Someday we’ll get over it (I hope).