My Dad strikes again. He

My Dad strikes again. He unearthed and scanned in an old image lying around the house, this one from a trip I took to yosemite with an old girlfriend during college.

I remember it was a winter in California where we got loads of rain and snow, all the way into May and June. This was during the first week or two of June, and you can see snow on Half Dome and El Capitan. A couple days later, we drove down to Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park, and it snowed so bad we got stuck.

Looking at the picture also reminds me I should probably grow my hair out again.

The other night, I went

The other night, I went and got a veggie burger with Dinah, and since she couldn’t break a twenty, I split the meal by giving her $10 via paypal. Boring you say? Well, I used my phone to complete the entire transaction. It took about four screens and maybe two minutes to complete, all in my little WAP browser.

I was pretty amazed that it worked so well and that I could actually do this in the year 2000. They really should offer screenshots of their WAP site, it was beautiful in its simplicity.

Since some others mentioned going

Since some others mentioned going back through their history at amazon, I decided to take a peek at mine. It took some digging, as I had to recall what email address I was using when I started out. My first purchase:

December 26, 1996 – 1:47 PM PST
Creating Killer Web Sites – D. Siegel

Looking back, it wasn’t that bad of a book at the time. No one was really pushing design boundries until Siegel came along with his giant images, lack of alt text, and single pixel gifs. We’re still paying the price of his suggestions, but they were in hindsight, not entirely a bad thing.

You know, I hate to

You know, I hate to be a preachy vegetarian type, but I swung by a Burger King today and they were selling Chicken Tenders Kids Meals with a Free Chicken Run Movie toy.

I haven’t seen Chicken Run yet, but I assume it has something to do with chickens saving themselves from getting killed and/or eaten.

I have to commend Burger King for such a great merchandising opportunity. I know McDonalds is kicking themselves for not offering free Babe trinkets with the purchase of an Egg McMuffin® sandwich. I could picture the commercial now:

McDonalds employee: “Can I get you anything else with that McMuffin® sir?”
Man [finishing McMuffin® while patting his belly]: “That’ll do pig. That’ll do.”

If I hadn’t said it

If I hadn’t said it enough already, Deepleap rocks, it really does. I posted my bookmarks, complete with short descriptions of my current daily surf and utilities lists. When I come home at night, I try to sweep through everything in my weblogs category, but the list keeps getting longer, and everyone keeps writing more. So, please, everyone stop writing. I can barely keep up.

I also brewed up a MetaFilter plugin for deepleap. It still needs a little tweaking, but it’s almost there. When it’s done and ready to go, it’ll be on the public lists, available to any other deepleap user.

Apparently what’s on my mind,

Apparently what’s on my mind, is also on someone else’s. Whoah, I just got a sense of deja vu.

I suppose it’s my own fault, my copyright message in the source was meant to be cheeky and poke fun at overactive copyrights, but it pretty much lets anyone do what they want with what they see here. I’ve been working on a redesign, so I guess I’ll just continue on that and put it up sooner than later.