I finally took a few

I finally took a few minutes to add the long-overdue contact, about, and photo pages. I’ll hook the photo of the day scripts up (finally) in a day or two. I need to make more page headers (the “what’s on my mind today” tagline was meant only for the main page), and write some longer things for the more section.

I spent time with my

I spent time with my family down in LA this weekend and it was great. I tried to avoid the TV and cnn.com as much as possible, as the Elian overload was too much to take (I did enjoy the exchanges on MetaFilter though).

I could write volumes on the subject, but I’ll try to be as concise as possible: be skeptical. Be skeptical of everything you’re seeing (especially what you’re seeing) and reading, as the whole thing smacks of a perverted election-year political game. Put even more simply, the spin doctors are tugging your heart strings for a vote. Both sides of the political system, the newspapers, and the television news are all guilty of doing it, and I find the whole thing revolting.

Be skeptical.

ugh. I wish I could

ugh. I wish I could write something bright and cheery here today: things are going fine, and I got to hang out with someone I really admire today, but I feel like crap. For the first time in my life, I have allergies. After spending the last three years indoors in hyper-filtered, air-conditioned, sterile comfort at UCLA, I’m now prone to pollen. It’s funny, but something that’s just slightly irratating by itself, like a never-ending runny nose, can make everything worse.

blah. make it stop.