Happy Birthday Ev! Ev just

Happy Birthday Ev! Ev just told me he’s 28, and I’ll be 28 in October, and a thought popped into my head that made me shudder. When my parents were 27 and 28, my dad was the only parent that had to work (not that two parents shouldn’t work, I’m just amazed they paid the bills on one person’s salary), they owned a nice home in Southern California, and they were having their second child (me).

Man, times have changed…

My last day so far

My last day so far has been great. I pulled in at 11am, went off to a 2 hour lunch where I was showered with goofy gifts, and with a couple hours of project wrapup work left, I’ll be cleanly separating from UCLA forever. I’m no longer sad about it. It feels a lot like college graduation.

Today I leave a place where training and growth was the focus over the last two years, Monday I start at a place where I can demonstrate and use everything I’ve been learning for the last five years. And going from working at a college to a “real” job makes the graduation analogy that much more real.

You know what I love

You know what I love about farmers’ markets? After you’ve been walking around in one for a few minutes, you’re surrounded by beautiful fruits, vegetables, flowers, loaves of bread, and juices of all kinds, and the sounds and smells of the city disappear. You forget you’re in the middle of a closed street, covered in concrete, normally clogged with traffic, angry drivers, and noise. Everyone seems nicer, everyone looks great, and everything smells terrific.

You buy your bundle of flowers and tray of strawberries, and as you reach the end of the market, you’re suddenly thrust back into something that’s unmistakably Los Angeles. I often forget how great those markets are.

Computers are just machines: they’re

Computers are just machines: they’re bundles of transitors, resistors, electricity and nothing more, right?

Try removing every personal setting and application from a computer you’ve been using for a long period of time. There’s lots of backing up, ftping, uninstalling, deleting, and then all the settings on everything have to be reset. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. I wish it were as easy as a “remove me” button somewhere in the control panel.