Although I’m not totally happy

Although I’m not totally happy with how my work turned out (it’s not you, it’s me, I just don’t think it has the “zing” of my more recent projects), the SXSW weblog is up with a design I did based on the Texas flag. It’s a place to exchange thoughts and tips for people attending the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX this March. I’m going to be attending and talking about weblogs there, and should be a lot of fun. If you’re going, let me know and we can meet up.

It’s official, weblog hype is

It’s official, weblog hype is too much now. Everything is a blog now. I guess this page is a blog now. I set one up for my Dad last night. I’m setting one up for my brother later on today. And while I upgrade Metafilter, I’m staring at all these progress bars in WinNT, and decided to just blog it. I’m going to try and move this page away from that format though, and maybe do a journal area with expanded daily content, with pointers to new entries here.

I’ve been searching the web

I’ve been searching the web for ways to convert xml and rdf feeds into something I can parse with coldfusion as wddx files, and there’s nothing out there. I can’t remember the last time I went out looking for tech info and found pretty much nothing.

I just came back from

I just came back from seeing Girl Interrupted. I’d call it an emotional rollercoaster, but there were no “ups”, just “downs.” Actually, it was like walking into an elevator and cutting the cable. The performances were great all around, but it was so heavy that I was completely exhausted by the time it was over.

When I first started checking

When I first started checking out ProjectCool a few years ago, I noticed Sightings, their daily award for top-notch sites on the web. I dreamed of someday designing something appealing/useful enough to make the cut. Today happens to be that day. MetaFilter was awarded the ProjectCool Sightings award. It’s not that big of deal though, there wasn’t any fanfare or anything. I found out I won it somewhat accidentally, when I noticed the traffic load suddenly go sky high at midnight.

Still, it’s nice that my little dream from a few years ago came true today.

Scary marketing observation #4124. Last

Scary marketing observation #4124. Last week, my girlfriend bought some Campari, an alcoholic ingredient for mixed drinks, at the local Trader Joes, and today we get a huge promotional brochure from the Campari Corporation. We’ve never, ever gotten any advertising in the mail from this or any other drink company. So how’d they know? Well she used a credit card, and all we can gather is the Campari Corp. does some scary, aggresive marketing.